Quality health care should not be a privilege but a basic human right. Chinese medicine was never supposed to be a luxury. It’s a powerful yet simple medicine that’s meant to be used frequently by everyday people. Getting acupuncture should not drain your bank account. At Red Peony Acupuncture, I offer sliding scale fees for so that you can come in as often as necessary in order to achieve your health goals.

The greatest gift you can give to the world is healthy you

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Does it hurt? Acupuncture needles are very fine and not hollow (like injection needles) but solid and they slide through the tissue easily. You rarely even feel a pinprick. After the insertion of needles, patients usually enter into state of

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Herbal Medicine

I grew up in a country where herbal medicine is often used and prescribed.  Most of my ailments as a child were treated with herbs and/or acupuncture even though all my family members were trained in allopathic medicine.  It was

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About Dr Jelena

Why I Do What I Do? I practice acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine because I love being able to help people feel better without having to resort to harsh medications or invasive procedures.  I love Chinese medicine because it favors


What is Red Peony?

Peony is a resilient plant which can be pruned all the way down to its strong deep roots and still have the strength to bloom. Mythology surrounding this flower is rich and interesting.  One legend has it that the peony

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What My Patients Say

I've seen many practitioners over the years, but after I found Jelena I haven't needed to look any further. She is smart, talented, educated and she listens to me! Then she helps me, offering ways that work for my lifestyle. She has given me acupuncture, herbal remedies and helped me change my diet to address a range of issues - sleep difficulties, digestion, women's issues, and allergies. My mind, body and soul are all deeply grateful! I highly and without reserve recommend Jelena, you will be in good hands!

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Jelena truly puts her education and intellect to work to help you heal the root of your ailment. Her treatments are very calming and restorative- I always look forward to them and feel great after.

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